Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Langelier Index for Water Monitoring for Smart IoT PaaS

Implement Langelier Index for Water Monitoring using Open Source IoT PaaS

Langelier Index (LI) is used as an indicator for corrosivity of water. It measures the ability of water to dissolve or deposit calcium carbonate.

• Conductivity, for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) determination

• pH
• Temperature
• Total Alkalinity
• Ca Hardness

The Langelier Saturation Index is a calculation used to determine the adequacy of the pool or spa water chemistry, as it relates to corrosion and scale formation. The adjustment of the pH, total alkalinity or calcium hardness can be used to adjust the Langelier Index so that it falls within the ideal range.

Currently, Langelier Index is calculated based on manual test results obtained using Electrodes and reagent, based on Hach method 8073.

Using IoT Gateway we can calculate Langelier Index using sensors to obtain the data from swimming pools for Smart City Infrastructure.

In our project, we propose to build a KIT to measure Langelier Index to assist Municipalities, to monitor Swimming Pools and similar water resources 
and future planning.

Langelier Water Index Gateway Kit based on Open Source will greatly benefit countries in Africa Sub Continent and help United Nations to blockchain the information for Water Management resource and future planning.

Langelier Water Index Gateway Kit can be sold to Smart City Municipalities, at a reasonable cost.

  • Salients Points of Langelier Water Index Gateway Kit
  • SAVES Time to process the water parameters
  • SAVE data collected in IoT cloud for Data Analytics
  • ARCHIVE the data Use BLOCKCHAIN Technology to store data in Public Ledger
  • Langelier Water Index Gateway Kit designed to capture Smart City Swimming Pool data
  • Langelier Water Index Gateway Kit designed for underdeveloped countries to monitor Water Quality
  • Langelier Water Index Gateway Kit hosted by Open Source Cloud - Cloud
  • Langelier Water Index Gateway Kit to support the following Technology STACK
  • Operating System – Linux or Windows.
  • Runtime Environment – ECLIPSE
  • Communication & Connectivity – Gateway I/Os (e.g. Serial, RS-485, etc.) and support MODBUS etc.
  • Network Management –interfaces (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc.).
  • Data management & Messaging – native MQTT-based messaging solution allows communicating with a Cloud Platform
  • Remote management – based on the MQTT protocol, to monitor the IoT gateway.
  • UX: Progressive Web Apps ( supporting Native Languages in India and Africa)
  • Water Monitoring Dashboard for Municipality
  • Water Monitoring Dashboard for Project Management ( Monitoring by funding agency)
  • Prototype to MVP in 45 days 
Fund Raising: USD100,000 to commercialize the product for India and African countries


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Implement Langelier Index for Water Monitoring using Open Source IoT PaaS
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